Utility lighting

Savings and Aesthetic from Day 1 

Keep your facility running 24/7 and deliver uninterrupted power. Enhance operational efficiency of your substations by using the highest quality of lighting and MEP solutions.


Powering the power hubs

It is vital for the city and the wellbeing of its residents...

Power plants


Hazardous locations

Electricity generated by a power plant flows through several substations at different voltages, before reaching the end user.  As these facilities are unmanned and remotely monitored, a small disruption can cut off power supply for the nearby cities. Proper lighting at substations can speed up the recovery process, ensure safety and simplify operational efficiency during the night.


Reduce costs

Lower energy consumption with cost-effective LED lighting and controls 

Comply with energy legislation and support sustainability targets

Plan outages and maintenance to reduce disruption and downtime


Optimize operations

Increase employee productivity and optimize labor costs by enhancing working conditions


Improve customer loyalty through improved manufacturing performance


Future-proof the workfloor with easy re-zoning, without changing the lighting fixtures


Improve sustainability

Lower carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption


Minimize environmental impact with improved efficiency, fewer mistakes, and less waste


Comply with UAE sustainability goals to achieve the national targets


Light applications for utility

Substations house energized equipments at very high voltages. Working in inefficient low to dim light leads to a very high risk to life and property.

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Emergency LED lights Sharaf DG Energy.jp

Utility lighting

LED lighting systems

LED lights provide a reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient solution.

Utility lighting

Emergency lighting

LED alternatives are available for general and emergency lighting that last for at least 80,000 hours, saving around 80% energy than traditional HID lights.

Metal_halide and_HID_lights.jpeg

Utility lighting

High-pressure sodium luminaries

High-pressure sodium luminaries are ideal for flood lights as they are designed for harsh environments.

Intrinsically safe light fixtures.jpg

Utility lighting

Intrinsically safe light fixtures

Low pressure sodium vapor lamps with low rendering are suitable for street lighting, yards and security lighting.


The All-in-One Lighting Solution to Boost Your New Project.


Energy audit

Helping you to discover potential areas of energy savings


Design and engineering

Dialux software, strong technical team, specialized designing tools used by our design and estimation engineers



We procure internationally certified products of the highest quality for you from our vendors



Our design and estimation engineers who are always ready to help



Expertise in installing a range of lighting services. Compliance to safety and efficiency standards.



Checking the system for optimum performance, making sure that it runs on highest efficiency

Access the proposed design, ask for re-accessing the value of the project.