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​Install Solar PV Panels on Villa's Roof

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Why everyone is considering Solar

1. Solar has average ROI 14-18%

2. Solar is warrantied for 25 years

3. Solar Power is cheaper than grid-power

4. Solar needs minimum of maintenance

5. Solar increases value of property same as adding a swimming pool

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Sharaf DG Energy
650+ Villas Solarized

770+ Villas Retrofitted

Sharaf DG Energy is one 47 companies of Sharaf Group founded in 1974

Being a 100% Local UAE company, it brings the trust in provision of required post-sale support to its Clients and Partners

Having in-house shipping, warehousing, construction and AMC services, it is able to provide cost-effective solar solutions to its Clients and Partners

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On-Grid Shams Rooftop Solar Systems

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650+ Private Villas Solarized by Sharaf DG

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How will you evaluate solar potential of my villa when I submit an enquiry?

We have in-house capabilities to scan your rooftop & garage and provide you with a 95% accuracy the savings  opportunity for your family. Then we will coordinate the roof inspection to complement the remaining 5% towards accuracy.


Will I need batteries?

We work along with DEWA as their certified EPC partner; thus, your solar system will be connected directly to your DEWA meter. That means DEWA will be deducting the amount of electricity you produced with solar from your total bill. You won’t need batteries because you will still be connected to the grid and so DEWA will act as your backup power supply.


Do solar panels require maintenance?

Solar panels don’t have any moving parts but when they get dirty they will need to be cleaned to ensure you get maximum power.  The good news is that Sharaf DG Energy will provide you with complimentary session/s of cleaning with applied training and can offer extended service agreements that best fit your needs.


Do you provide any warranties?

Absolutely. We provide a 25-year performance warranty, if a component of your solar system goes down, our team of engineers will immediately respond to bring your system back to optimal generation. Components will be replaced or fixed cost-free for the Owner.

What is Sharaf DG Energy's certification at DEWA?

Sharaf DG Energy, named as S D G (Sharaf DG) Energy Contracting LLC, is Platinum-status DEWA Shams Contractor with 10/10 score meaning no project rejections were given to Sharaf DG and all submittals and inspections were done to the highest standards of DEWA. Besides, Sharaf DG is awarded as Consumer-friendly company.