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Sharaf DG Energy is DEWA's Platinum Solar Contractor with a 10/10 score that stands for bespoke project delivery and post-sale support provided by its Team and in full accordance with rooftop DEWA's Shams Dubai Scheme. Dealing with leading international manufacturers and approved suppliers, Sharaf DG Energy Team is capable of providing top-of-the-market 5-year Defect Liability Period. 

Being a part of Sharaf Group, a local group of companies founded in 1975, Sharaf DG Energy has in-house shipping, logistics, construction, financing and contracting capabilities that allows the provision of required quality assessment and respective commitment towards its Clients.



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650+ Private Villas Solarized by Sharaf DG

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 Solar is a commodity that powers your House with Infinite Clean Energy of the Sun

Reduce your Electricity Bills

Reduce fossil-fuel dependency

Add authenticity to your Living

Increase property value of the House



Sharaf DG’s Solar Team will take care of integrating Solar Project for you from A to Z

Top-Market 5-year Post-Sale Support

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

100% Clients’ satisfaction


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